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Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Lite

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Lite
Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Lite
Free to use demo program of Zebra Aurora Vision Studio. All standard algorithms are available



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Zebra Aurora Vision Studio Lite

This is a free demo program of Zebra Aurora Vision Studio. You can load images from the harddrive and write your own machine vision inspection program using all the clasical machine vision tools that are available in adaptive vision studio. When using live images, acquired from a camera, a watermark will be visible. Exporting code or controlling I/O is not possible with the lite version. This is a demo program so you can be convinced of the power of Zebra Aurora Vision Studio, by developing free of charge your own machine vision program on your own product images.

Free download

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What can the professional version do?

There are a lot of different things the professional version can do. Thats why there are two samples below.

Drag and drop image processing software

In the image processing software, all programming is done by choosing filters, drag and drop them and connecting them with each other. You can focus all your attention on computer vision.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) / GUI (Graphical User Interface) designer

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces (also known as human machine interfaces) and thus build the entire machine vision application using a single software package.

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio/Library Deeplearning Add-ON

This Deep Learning add-on is used together with Zebra Aurora Vision Studio. It's a new breakthrough in machine vision applications. It is a set of ready-made tools which are trained with Good and Bad samples, and which then detect defects or features automatically. Internally it uses large neural network structures, designed and optimized by our research team for use in industrial inspection systems. For the user, however, they are provided as simple filters with very few parameters, and with easy-to-use graphical tools for convenient execution of the training process. See the examples below.

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