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Kinovea, free software for capture, observation, annotation and measurement

Kinovea is an open source software package designed around four core missions related to studying human motion: capture, observation, annotation and measurement. A quick overview of the features are described below.

Please note that our cameras work with Kinovea version 0.93 or higher. The free download is available after submitting your email address below. You also need to install our latest GalaxySDK, available on our download page.

Free high speed recording software

The software can record high speed cameras, like the MER-160-227U3M (1.6MP @ 227fps) or the MER-041-436U3M (VGA @ 436 fps) or even the MER-031-860U3M (VGA @ 860fps). The high speed camera transfers large amount of data. For color cameras, it is advices to store the RAW images stream, to reduce the filesize. The high speed recording software is ideal for capturing sports and other events that do not require an infinity recording. The highspeed recording can be reviewed in slow motion. Measurements and comments can be added to the high speed recording.

Free medical / microscope imaging and analysis software

With this free software from Kinovea, it's possible to do medical imaging and analysis. Captured images can be anaylized. You can add lines, angles, comments and do measurents. It's also used for analyzing images made with microscopes. Images are saved as a 10 second movie, therefore a single image can have multiple pages (frames) with different annotations, all stored in the same movie file. The annotations and measurement features of this software package, make it ideal for medical and microsope imaging.

Sport recording and tracking software (Golf, Cycling)

Kinovea software is used for recording and tracking sportsmen. By adding angles and tracking them, movements can be analyzed. Typical sports are Golf (analyzing your swing) and Cycling (measurement of your body angles). It's also an ideal tool for fysiotherapists, fitness and cardio clubs. Below two examples in sports how tracking and recording software is used.

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