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Home Software Zebra Aurora Vision image processing software Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Professional

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Professional

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Professional
Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 Professional
Zebra Aurora Vision studio license for development PC.



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Inspection software for product automation and quality control (Machine Vision Software)

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio software is the most powerful graphical environment for machine vision engineers to write their own Machine Vision Software program for quality inspection of products and automation of industrial machines. It is based on dataflow and comes with a comprehensive set  of powerful, ready for use image analysis filters. Its unique strength lies in its focus on professional users. It allows you to create typical applications easily, but at the same time makes it possible to efficiently develop highly customized and large-scale projects.

Drag and drop image processing software

In the image processing software, all programming is done by choosing filters, drag and drop them and connecting them with each other. You can focus all your attention on computer vision.

HMI (Human Machine Interface) / GUI (Graphical User Interface) designer

You can easily create custom graphical user interfaces (also known as human machine interfaces) and thus build the entire machine vision application using a single software package.

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